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Nigerians Urged To Emphasise Healthcare As organisation Rewards Distributors For Promoting Anti-Cancer Drug

Nigerians Urged To Emphasise Healthcare As organisation Rewards Distributors For Promoting Anti-Cancer Drug

Nigerians Urged To Emphasise Healthcare As organisation Rewards Distributors For Promoting Anti-Cancer Drug


Four distributors of Tim Jan organic products with the capacity to cure life threatening ailments such as HIV/AIDS, prostrate cancer/enlargement, breast cancer, arthritis, amongst others were today rewarded with cars.

Other performing distributors got awards of international trips to South Africa, while eight people got N200,000 each with others getting consolation prizes.

Speaking on the reason for the gesture, Mr Nnamdi Dennis Okonkwo, CEO of TimJan, said that the organisation has been operating in Nigeria for over a year, and that they promised that some distributors would be rewarded accordingly.

The award event held at Dees Hotel, 8/10 Hollandia Way, Ajao Estate, Lagos.

“The motive is to encourage others and to let those who have not reached a particular milestone in our Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) platform work harder.

“The products are produced in South Africa and it was discovered over 60 years ago by two friends named; Tim and Jan.

“We started marketing them in Nigeria last year to make our people see the value of the products. It is also an opportunity for Nigerians to make money through Tim Jan MLM system.

“With the MLM system, you can earn up to N900 million. This is a just the beginning for our distributors, we will soon be giving out homes to them,” he said.

The CEO added that Tim Jan is a medication that contains aloe ferox that can only be found in South Africa, saying that there are over 70 species of aloes, but that aloe ferox the best.

Okonkwo said that the products have been approved by NAFDAC and the South African drug regulatory agency.

According to him, the products can be found in the United States of America, Australia, Europe and in all parts of the world.

He however, said that they are not produced in Nigeria because of the tricky nature of aloe ferox.

He added that the raw materials can only be harvested one tree once in five years to get the efficacy.

“If you take it through the sea it will lose its power. It is bottled in South Africa and sold fresh in Nigeria, and it cures over 105 ailments. It is anti-cancerous and anti-tumour.

“If you don’t want to have tumour or cancer, drink Tim Jan. It helps in curing the popular ailments in Nigeria including prostrate, fibroid, arthritis and reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS.

“If people living with HIV/AIDS use it for two weeks, the viral load will drop to the minimum. 8% of South Africans have HIV/AIDS and they use the drug to treat it,” he said.

While saying that there is no price one can place on health, he stated that if a product could stop someone from going for chemotherapy, then it must be powerful.

He recalled that the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) said that Nigerians spent N2.8 dollars on medical trip abroad last year, saying that Tim Jan can actually put a check to an ailment before it becomes acute.

One of the car awardees, Pastor David Elijah, Tim Jan Ambassador, expressed delight with the gesture, saying that it’s a reward for a journey of 12 months.

“I was rewarded with a car of about N90 million worth. I qualified by bringing thousands of people into the system.

“Nigeria is not as bad as people are saying, you can make money in Nigeria, you just need to know the right thing to do.

Earlier in his speech, a medical consultant with the organisation, Dr Sunday Baderewa, said that Tim Jan is well researched and unique.

Baderewa stressed that there have been many testimonies about the products, which he said could cure several diseases.

“Nigerians need to take care of their health. The products are incomparable to others. They have 25 different enzymes.

“Tim Jan has no side effects and it generates organic alcohol that is good for the tissues in the body.

“When you take it, you will visit the toilet regularly as it will clear your bowel. It cures breast and prostrate cancer amongst other diseases,” he said.

He however, advised people to go for medical checkup first to know what it wrong with them before they start treatments.

Also speaking, the Board Chairman of Tim Jan Nigeria, Chief Frank Ofodili Ubadima, urged Nigerians not to be careless with their health.

Ubadima stated that the product is life-saving, adding that he is a living testimony to its efficacy.

The award event was attended by dignitaries from all walks of life, distributors and others.



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