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Menstrual Hygiene Day: Foundation wants sanitary pads affordable

Menstrual Hygiene Day: Foundation wants sanitary pads affordable

Menstrual Hygiene Day: Foundation wants sanitary pads affordable


The Regalo Hope Foundation (RHF), a Non-Profit Organisation have appealed to the government to make policies that will ensure sanitary pads are affordable for all females.

Jane Obodoekea, Operation Lead, RHF, made the plea on Tuesday at the foundation’s organised Menstrual Health event which held in Igando Phase 1, Lagos.

The event was held in commemoration of the annual World Menstrual Hygiene Day (WMHD) observed annually on May 28.

The theme for 2024 is, ‘Together for a Period Friendly World”.

Obodoekea said that it was necessary for producers of sanitary pads in the country to be guided to make the material affordable for females.


She described the prices of sanitary pads as outrageous, saying, “sanitary pads have become so expensive and unaffordable, making some girls to be using toilet roll”.


The RHF official called on young girls that had attained the menstruation age to navigate their monthly cycle with hygiene and dignity.


Obodoekea said that the focus was on eradicating stigmatisation and to provide vital hygiene education, resources and empowerment for the girls to manage their menstrual health confidently.


According to her, this programme is. specially designed to create awareness on menstrual hygiene management, and to teach young girls how to take proper care of themselves during their menstrual cycle.


“You must be proud of being a girl, be confident of yourself and never be ashamed of menstruation. It’s a natural occurrence that every female experiences on monthly basis.


“It is fundamental to wash hands, position the pad on your panties well to avoid stains or discomfort, change after every three to four hours, dispose properly, bath at least twice.


“The objective is to ensure total hygiene and to always keep their underwears neat in order to avoid infections that may result to infertility later in life, and even to watch what to eat,” she added.


Mrs Amarachukwu Ofor, a Biology Teacher with Amiel College, Isheri Olofin, lauded RHF for the programme, saying that it was impactful and should be extended to sex education.


According to her, most mothers, due to their efforts to make ends meet, do not have time to educate or teach their girl-child the topic.


Ofor said that, however, RHF had, through this programme, closed the gap and boosted their self-esteem.


Speaking, Oreoluwa Abiodun, Partnership and Communication Strategist, RHF, said the date 28th and 5th month was significant, as it had been attributed as 28 days normal menstrual cycle and five days of the menstrual flow.


She noted that educating girls on menstrual hygiene should not be limited to girls alone, but to the male students as well.


According to Abiodun, educating males will cause them not to speak derogatively to the girls during their periods.


The girls from various schools were engaged in panel sessions where they shared their experiences and opinions on menstruation.


They also smiled home with gift items including sanitary pads.



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