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HomeHealthMedical doctor dies in Lagos hospital elevator

Medical doctor dies in Lagos hospital elevator

Elevator claims medical doctor's life in Lagos hospital

Medical doctor dies in Lagos hospital elevator

Dr Vwaere Diaso, a young female medical doctor, lost her life in an elevator accident at the General Hospital in Odan, Lagos State.

The avoidable accident happened on Tuesday, August 1 in Lagos.
Dr Diaso, who was set to complete her housemanship in just two weeks, was on her way to collect her meal from a dispatch ride when the unfortunate event occurred.

The elevator, which had been reportedly faulty for some time, crashed from the 10th floor to the ground floor, leading to the fatal accident.

Her colleagues and friends, shocked by the loss, revealed that Dr. Diaso had completed her medical degree at Babcock University. She was rushed to the emergency ward after the accident, but despite the medical team’s efforts, she tragically passed away.

Heartbroken friends and colleagues have alleged that the hospital management had neglected to repair the faulty elevator despite being aware of the issue, and they believe this negligence ultimately cost Dr. Vwaere Diaso her life.

As the hospital community mourns her untimely death, questions are being raised about the importance of maintaining hospital infrastructure to ensure the safety of staff and patients alike.



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