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Killer diseases: Experts assured herbal remedy, honour Tim Jam distributors

Killer diseases: Experts assured herbal remedy, honours Tim Jam distributors

Killer diseases: Experts assured herbal remedy, honours Tim Jam distributors

Experts of alternative herbal medicine on Thursday assured of remedies to many killer diseases in herbal alternatives, urged the public to embrace it rather than the Orthodox to halt human ravaging diseases.

The health experts, gave the assurance at the Tim Jam Maiden Award in Lagos.


They said that, certified brands such as the Tim Jam range of products had continued to prove its efficacy in the cure for alignments such as cancer, prostrate, kidney stones, diabetes and others.

The diseases such as Fibroid, Hepatitis, Cancer, Infections, Diabetes, Prostrate and others had been concern to people and government with many killed as a result of the ravaging health challenges that seemed insurmountable.

The event to reward and honour Tim Jam distributors for their efforts in the use of the products to rescue people from health challenges within its one year introduction in Nigeria, afforded users of the brand the opportunity to testify the potency of the brand.

The event held at Ajao Estate, Lagos rewarded six outstanding distributors with an SUV car each while others got cash and other sundry items as consolation prizes.

Speaking at the event, Fellow Federal College of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Nigeria, Dr Baderinwa Sunday-Adewale, said that, peoples’
exposure to unnatural foods and substances; has endangered human system and made many become resistance to orthodox medicine in the treatment of diseases in the recent times.

Adewale, sighted ignorance for the numerous deaths from diseases said that, the Tim Jam organic tonic and its other range of products were an assured remedies with capacity to boost the body biotic and immune system to fight diseases and make people to live healthy.

According to him the brand has passed clinical research examination in South Africa its country of origin and Nigeria with several people testifying of its potency.

“The agnostic tales from patients of challenges such as diabetes and prostrate in the recent times spurred the advent of the Tim Jam products in order to give succour to people,” he said.

Speaking earlier at the event, the CEO of Jim Jan, Mr Nnamdi Dennis-Okonkwo said that the organisation has been operating in Nigeria for a year, with impactful result on the well-being of Nigerians

Okonkwo, whose speech centred on the reward gesture said that, the distributors zeal to reach out to people with the pro-life brand called for a reward to encourage them and more people to join.

“The motive is to encourage others and to let those who have not reached a particular milestone in our Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) platform work harder.

“The products are produced in South Africa and it was discovered over 60 years ago by two friends named; Tim and Jan.

“We started marketing the product in Nigeria in 2023 to make our people see the value of the products. It is also an opportunity for Nigerians to make money through Tim Jan MLM system.

“With the MLM system, you can earn up to N900 million. This is just the beginning for our distributors, we will soon be giving out homes to them,” he said.

The CEO added that Tim Jan is a medication that contains aloe ferox that can only be found in South Africa, saying that there are over 70 species of aloes, but that aloe ferox  the best.

He however, said that they are not produced in Nigeria because of the tricky nature of aloe .

He added that the raw materials can only be harvested one tree once in five years to get the efficacy.

“If you take it through the sea it will lose its power. It is bottled in South Africa and sold fresh in Nigeria, and it cures ailments. It is anti-cancerous and anti-tumour.

“If people living with HIV/AIDS use it for two weeks, the viral load will drop to the minimum. 8 per cent of South Africans have HIV/AIDS and they use the drug to treat it,” he said.

He pointed that if a product could stop someone from going for chemotherapy, then that product must be powerful.

He recalled that the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) said that Nigerians spent N2.8 dollars on medical trip abroad in 2023, Tim Jan could put a check to such economic waste.

One of the car awardees, Pastor David Elijah, Tim Jan Ambassador, expressed delight over the gesture, saying that its a reward for a journey of 12 months.

“I was rewarded with a car of N90 million worth. I qualified by bringing thousands of people into the sales network system.

“Nigeria is not as bad as people are saying, you can make money in Nigeria, you just need to know the right thing to do,” he said.



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