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Brotherhood supports new anthem, preaches love

Brotherhood supports new anthem, preaches love

supports new anthem, preaches love to every creation

The Brotherhood of the Cross and Star (BCS) on Monday said that, the revert to the old National Anthem was a good development, preached the act of love for every creature as remedy to global challenges.

BCS, also known as Olumba Olumba Obu, gave the support and message at its courtesy visit to the Lagos office of the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

The visit which was to inform the world the counsel of its leader to the challenges in the society dovetailed into an interactive session, with the Newsmen to better educate people on the body’s ideals.

Speaking at the visit, the Leader of the BCS team, Prof. David Irerin, said that, the revert to the former National Anthem was in accordance with God’s will for the country.

Irerin, said that, peace has been elusive to the world because there were no love in man’s relations with another and other creatures.

The leader, pointed that the team were a delegation from His Holylines Olumba Olumba Obu, to inform people to embrace the virtue of love for one another as a solution to anxieties.

He said that, the Universal Theocratic Government of God that the body practices has come to take over from the conventional government of the world that has remained a whirlwind that blows no good to anyone.

“The revert to the former anthem has divine conotetion with the vision of God for Nigeria and Nigerians development and influence in the comity of nations.

“Part of its diction says “In Brotherhood we Stand” is in total submission to will of God in the mapping out the area known as Nigeria.

“Man is made up water, blood and spirit, the spirit controls the physical therefore leaders should atune to divine detects in order to take advantage of the physical.

“The enthronement of God’s consititution that promotes love in every human endeavour the creation of avenue for derogatory social class will halt and give room for a pro-humane relationship.,” he said.

Archbishop Okey Asoluka, an official of the team, said that, at the close of age God would manifest in human to plant His kingdom on earth to end all human induced crisis.

Asoluka, said that Olumba Olumba Obu has come with the message of love to renew, redeem the people from entrenched wickedness of corruption, idolatry, oppression, greed and others that has continued to inflict pains and despair on people.

“The government of Nigeria through the President’s signing into law the divinely approved anthem of the country the vision of the country is coming to reality.

“With the infusion of the brotherhood into our national life a spiritually induced re-orientation is coming to bear.

“It is our obligation as citizens to continue to pray for our leaders to be consciously be linked to God in order for them to remain on track.

“Respect all persons regardless of social status, love all for it is God you are seeing in others in varying form,” he said.

He stressed that with the promotion of love for others as enshrined in the scriptures, the society despite the shortcomings of those in power, would be a lot better place.

The Head of Lagos Office (HLO) NAN, Mr Adeleye Ajayi, who received the BCS members in the company of other staff, said that, the agency operates an all inclusive news network with a global reach.

Ajayi, thanked the delegation for their insightful thoughts on issues of public concern.






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