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Youth Minister Inspires Corps Members on SAED, Pledges Start up Capital for Five Corps Members

The Honorable Minister of State for Youth Development Federal Republic of Nigeria, Hon. Ayodele Olawande has inspired and encouraged Corps members to subscribe to Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development programme on camp which has been designed to equip young Nigerian graduates with additional value beyond certification.

The Minister who was enthusiastically received stated this while addressing Corps members during his visit to the Oyo State NYSC Permanent Orientation Camp, Iseyin. He expressed satisfaction and maximum joy to be in the midst of Corps members whom he described as the future of the country.

He asserted that the youths of this nation are a formidable team. He said their resourcefulness gives them a steady ground to knowing what best to do at any particular time and in any situation.

Hon. Olawande equally applauded the comportment, attitude and discipline exhibited by Corps members. He admonished them to take the orientation programme seriously, especially, the Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development and pledged start up capital for top five outstanding Corps Members after the SAED training.

He encouraged them to believe in themselves and show commitment that they are ready to partner with the government to move this nation to an enviable height.

He celebrated and congratulated the Corps members on their swearing-in ceremony, donated 1.5 million naira to all the ten platoons and one big Cow. He also commended the camp officials for a job well.

The Minister said he believed strongly in the potential of the Corps members because they are still in their youthful age and with their contributions we can have the Nigeria of our dreams noting that the Ministry is working on ways where young people will be able to learn basic entrepreneurial skills online at no cost and get more startups benefits.

He added that the present administration is working really hard to ensure Nigeria becomes a better place, a land of opportunities where every young person will be able to live their dreams.

On NYSC Scheme, the minister said he believed that NYSC still has a lot to achieve especially in the area of youth development and what the Scheme really needs is reforms in order to make great impact.

He declared that the NYSC Trust Fund bill that was recently passed by the National Assembly will go a long way in the reorganization of the NYSC Scheme and the welfare of every Corps member will be well taken care of even after exiting the Scheme through start up grants and other benefits that would be accrued to youth development from the Trust Fund.



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