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Tackle Nigeria’s financial hassles frontally, Ajibola tells Tinubu

Tackle Nigeria's financial hassles frontally, Ajibola tells Tinubu

Tackle Nigeria’s financial hassles frontally, Ajibola tells Tinubu

A renowned Economist, Professor Segun Ajibola has called on the President-elect, Sen.Bola Ahmed Tinubu to tackle Nigeria’s financial hassles frontally to ease the suffering of the citizens.

Setting agenda for the about-to-be-inaugurated Tinubu-led administration, Ajibola said that the step had become imperative considering the hardship in the land.

According to him, such business like mien is most desirable now and will help to salvage the precarious economic situation occasioned by poor fiscal policies of the incumbent administration faster.

Ajibola made the assertion at the tail end of his congratulatory message to Dr Samson Bilesanmi, one of the leaders of Asiwaju Support Group , who celebrated his 60th birthday on Monday May 22.

The erudite scholar cited the dysfunctional state of  the five traditional functions of the Central Bank of Nigeria, which he declared had brought Nigerian economy to its lowest ebb.

He proffered some workable solutions to include revamping of agriculture and manufacturing sector.

“Development of various segments of the economy to avoid centralisation and a sufficiently tamed appetite for imported goods is key,” Ajibola said.

On fiscal policy, Ajibola maintained the Federal Government government burrowing attitude negated the earmarked ratio stressing that close to 27 trillion naira has been burrowed from the CBN and is against the regulatory act.

While calling for fiscal discipline on the part of Federal Government, the economist also noted that the banks were not in a good state.

“CBN could no longer give bail out funds being bankers bank.

“Our monolithic economy is poorly managed. Our debt now hovers between N46 trillion to 80 trillion” Ajibola said.

The celebrant, Dr. Bilesanmi , the Leader of the G36 Reward Supporting Group, expressed gratitude to God for His Love and Grace to him.

While speaking earlier, Bilesanmi reiterated his previous stand, calling on the President- elect to disband the Amalgamated support group whose leaders allegedly bolted with funds released for all members.

He charged Tinubu to compensate members randomly with placements in several boards appointment that are available.

“We can be compensated via the boards appointment, at least two per support groups because they have suffered degrading situations in the process.

“Asiwaju should also not give room for cabal in government as this is the first time in the history of Nigeria when we are having a true and real democratically elected President like Nelson Mandela of South Africa.

“The case of some serving officials of government looking for ways to run away claiming to be on study leave should be discountenanced.

“People like Emefiele should not be allowed to go, he should give account of stewardship.” Bilesanmi said.

The event was grace by friends and family of the celebrant.

They include: Comrade Charles Adebori Lagos State Coordinator of G35 support group, Mrs Favour Abuno the state Financial Secretary of Nigeria Earnestly Ask for Asiwaju Tinubu (NEAAT) and host of others.



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