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Rights activists urge Gov. Abiodun, Ogun Assembly to intervene in Akufon kingship tussle

Rights activists urge Gov. Abiodun, Ogun Assembly to intervene in Akufon kingship tussle

Rights activists urge Gov. Abiodun, Ogun Assembly to intervene in Akufon kingship tussle

The Centre for Human and Socio-economic Rights (CHSR) has called on Gov. Dapo Abiodun and Ogun State House of Assembly to intervene in the kingship selection exercise for the stool of Akufon of Idarika in Ikenne Local Government Area.

Comrade Alex Omotehinse, the President of CHSR made this call at a news conference on Tuesday in Lagos.

Omotehinse said that such intervention has become necessary to avert crisis and anarchy in the area

“In view of our activities above, and sequel to the mandate of CHSR and the overriding quest of civil society stakeholders to defend victims of abuse of human rights and to promote the cause of justice and peaceful coexistence in the society, we are therefore compelled, as one of the strategic platforms of civil society stakeholders in Nigeria to draw the attention of Mr. Governor to the lingering crisis emanated from the Kingship selection in IDARIKA as one of the community under Ikenne Local Government Area.

“We call for a diligent investigation by the appropriate authorities in order to confirm the allegation and complaints of IGUN ruling house about the imposition of a non-family member (Mr. Shomade Olugbenga) by the executive chairman of Ikenne Local government Mr. Segun Ogunleye.

“A thorough investigation in revealing if truly Mr. Shomade Olugbenga did not belong to any of the three ruling houses in IDARIKA as proclaimed by Chieftaincy Jaw of IDARIKA community.

“The Ogun State Ministry of Local government and Chieftaincy Affair should henceforth stall the process of installation until all necessary issues are address and resolve.

“The Speaker Ogun State House of Assembly should as a matter of urgency and importance direct and mandate the house committee on Local Government and Chieftaincy Affair to intervene by inviting all the parties concerns.

“The attorney general should immediately advice all relevant government agencies to desist from any actions/in-actions that can drag the State government reputation to a disrepute.

“We call on Prince Dapo Abiodun, the executive Governor of the State as a son of Ikenne Kingdom and Father to all, to quickly intervene in other to avert any unprecedented anarchy in IDARIKA community of Ikenne Local government area of the state,” Omotehinse said.

According to him, what is of immediate concerns and source of worry is the manoeuvre of the Council Chairman Mr Segun Ogunleye and his partisanship in the selection process instead of allowing the king makers to do justice according to the established ethics as enshrined in the state chieftaincy acts of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in spite of having publicly proclaimed and communicated via a letter to IGUN ruling house and king-makers concerned.

He explained that the late AKUFON of IDARIKA joined its ancestors on 28th January 2021, and according to IDARIKA chieftaincy law under section 4(2) of customary court declaration.

He said that Ikenne local Government wrote a letter dated January, 2022 to IGUN ruling house as the next in-line ruling house to bring forth name of their preferred choice for the stool of AKUFON.

According to him, the ruling house reciprocated by nominating Prince Saheed Abayomi but as God the creator of the universe wants it, he died before even summon for acceptability of the stool.

“With the new development, the local government writes another letter dated 8 April, 2024 requesting IGUN ruling house to re-nominate one of their sons for the stool.

“The letter was immediately responded to by Prince Moshood Onakoya (Secretary of the ruling house) and signed by Pa Fasasi Ogunmuyiwa, the head of Igundaniyan ruling house dated 17th April, 2024 stating that the Local government should give them sometime to be able to meet and resolve on who the family would sent-forth.

“The family also used the medium to disclaimed one Mr Kazeem Oseni claiming to be secretary of Igundaniyan ruling house as an impostor.

“To our dismay the Local government responded back the following day 18” April, 2024 that the family should pick two working days for the kingship selection process in which they will observe the process of the selection.

“(Why the rush by the council if not partisanship? Is that how efficiency the local government are in its administrative responsibility to the plight of the people).

“Within an eyes blink, The Local government delegation marched on IDARIKA community as a warlord on a weekend (Saturday) two days after the correspondence to IGUN ruling house without informing the secretary or any member of the ruling house that they are coming for Kingship selection exercise with the soul aim of imposing one Mr Shomade Olugbenga who is neither a family member nor relative of Igundaniyan ruling house of IDARIKA,” Omotehinse revealed.

He said that the rights activists were deeply worried that the Local government delegation went to IDARIKA community with retinue of Nigeria Police to intimidates, harassed and prevented some kingmakers led by Lisa of Idarika Chief Nurudeen Tomori Jamiu, the head of the king makers from entering the Kingship selection venue.

Omotehinse said that the the council boss allegedly deprived the IGUN ruling house from nominating their choice candidate for the AKUFON STOOL.

“The council Chairman delegation usurped the constituted authority of the chieftaincy acts, ethics and proceedings by taking over the selection process instead of being an observer so as not to be seen been bias in its recommendation to the appropriate quarters of the state government saddle with the responsibility for onward transmission to the office of the state Governor.

” Our Organisation position is clearly in defense of the constitutional rights of citizens in a democratic dispensation as guaranteed in the 1999 Constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended,” the rights activist said.



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