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Nigerians yearning for Tinubus performance – Ologun

Nigerians yearning for Tinubus performance – Ologun

Nigerians yearning for Tinubus performance – Ologun

A Lagos-based constitutional lawyer and public affairs analyst, Mr Jide Ologun, says Nigerians are yearning for the President Bola Tinubu-led administration to perform outstandingly.

Ologun, a former Chairman, Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR), Ikeja Branch, made this remark was reacting to Tinubu’s national broadcast on Sunday to commemorate Nigeria’s 63rd Independence Anniversary.

The legal practitioner and social commentator commended the president for some of his promises, saying, “Nigerians are accustomed to promises, yet yearning for performance. Let there be performance.”

He commended the President’s acknowledgment of the harsh realities of the nation’s troubled economy and pressured unity.

Ologun said: “He (Tinubu) also declared the truth that our great nation, Nigeria, should not have been in this current downtrodden circumstances, considering the abundant resources.

“I do not envy him as he is caught between palliatives and sustainable interventions to re-invent Nigeria beyond its 63rd Independence anniversary. He has also said with caution that he applied for the job.

“Righteousness exalts a nation. I wish him the courage to confront the challenges of the moment, sincerity of purpose, and God’s sufficient grace to recreate a nation where commonwealth is created for common good.”

President Tinubu, in his 63rd independence anniversary broadcast on Sunday, said that the travails Nigerians had endured shall strengthen the country.

The president noted that his pledges were to reshape and modernise the nation’s economy and to secure the lives, liberty and property of the people.

According to Tinubu, the bold reforms are necessary to place our nation on the path of prosperity and growth.

Tinubu said that he was attuned to the hardships that had come due to fuel subsidy removal, saying, “I have a heart that feels and eyes that see. Reform may be painful, but it is what greatness and the future require.

“We now carry the costs of reaching a future Nigeria where the abundance and fruits of the nation are fairly shared among all, not hoarded by a select and greedy few.

“A Nigeria where hunger, poverty and hardship are pushed into the shadows of an ever-fading past.

“There is no joy in seeing the people of this nation shoulder burdens that should have been shed years ago. I wish today’s difficulties did not exist. But we must endure if we are to reach the good side of our future.”

The President said that his government was doing all that it could to ease the load.

Tinubu said that he had embarked on several public sector reforms to stabilise the economy, direct fiscal and monetary policy to fight inflation.

He added that this would encourage production, ensure the security of lives and property and lend more support to the poor and the vulnerable.



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