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I’m Lagos PDP leader now–Jandor

I'm Lagos PDP leader now--Jandor



The Lagos State PDP Governorship Candidate in 2023 General Elections, Dr Abdul-Azeez Adediran (Jandor), says he remains the apex leader of the party at the moment, and ready to provide leadership ahead of 2027 elections.

Adediran disclosed this whole addressing party faithful and leaders during a ‘Thank You Parley’ to appreciate members of his campaign council and non-partisan individuals who supported his governorship aspiration.

“As far as Jandor is concerned, by the constitution of our party and that of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, as the candidate of the party as at today in Lagos State, I am the leader.

“I am saying this with due respect to all other faithful leaders that I met in PDP.

“They should know this is the constitutional matter, I do not have control over it except I choose to leave tomorrow, and I am not going anywhere. This is my party.

“For every party member, who is looking for a true leader that is selfless, a leader you can beat your chest over, I am ready to provide leadership for all of you irrespective of the tendencies your belong to,” he said.

According to him, any leader who doesn’t want to be a member of PDP again should should carry his bag and go.

He said that after some party leaders had played double standards in the last general elections, it was about time to look at the like-minds to forge the party ahead.

“For those who have declared for Labour Party, they should stay there, for those who have gone to APC, they should enjoy it. Those of us remain, let us know ourselves,” he said.

According to him, the event is not to mourn the past but for him to genuinely appreciate all that had sleepless nights with him during the 2023 electioneering.

“In 2023 election, we worked, we went everywhere-places that had never been visited in the history of this state politically- to campaign to people.

“We have slept in many local government areas and stayed with the people. That was the kind of rigorous campaign we ran in 2023 elections.

“One cannot put in such investments and some people decided to play against the party, and won’t get pained.

“We didn’t lose 2023 election because we didn’t work, no! That is why I am here to appreciate all of you. You are my heroes, you did very well.

“We ran a campaign like never before. I brought you together to say thank you. You did well.

“We have chose this path, there is no going back. We will stay firm so as to give Lagos a breath of fresh air,” he added.

Urging the National leadership of the party to listen to voices of patriotic and loyal leaders calling for firm action against unpatriotic leaders, Adediran said that no one would take the party serious if such leaders were still forced on the people.

Stating that he had no regret whatsoever contesting in the poll, the PDP leader said that he was rather proud about his achievements in the election.

He said that some PDP leaders had been working against the party over the years and it has become their stock in trade.

Adediran said that it was about time for the genuine party leaders looked inward for like-minds to rebuild the party for future elections.

.Speaking on the state of the nation, Adediran urged President Bola Tinubu to seek assistance wherever if could be found, and engage right people to end the suffering of the masses.

The candidate, who noted that the provision of palliatives remains a stopgap, said that the sudden removal of fuel subsidy had brought about untold hardship to the people, saying such step should have been better approached.

Also speaking, Otunba Segun Adewale, a former Lagos PDP Chairman, blamed the repeated defeat of PDP in Lagos State on unpatriotic leaders, who usually corner funds for election logistics to weaken party’s chances of winning.

Adewale, who vowed to support Adediran if he would be running in 2027 general elections, said he remained in PDP till the moment because of the candidate and former Vice President Atiku Abubakar.

“I will support you for 2027. It is only a mad man that will keep doing same thing same.way and expect different results.

“We will stay with you, but let us recognise those who are enemies of the party and do things differently if we want to win,” Adewale , popularly known as Aeroland, said.

Commending Lagos PDP members who were still loyal to the party, Adewale, “It is not easy to be a PDP members in Lagos. We have been failing and failing yet many are still with us.”

He said that the party needed more transparency in choices of candidates and management of elections logistics.

He added the leadership in the party should not be by age but by electoral weight and performance at polling units, wards and local government.

Also speaking at the event, Pa Christopher Osoba, a PDP Chieftain, who urged the candidate not to be discouraged by the outcome of the poll, promised to still support him in the next electoral cycle.

Calling on party leaders and members to come together, work together, and end all the grievances, the party elder said with unity it was possible for the party to still win Lagos State.

“We should put round peg in round hole. We have learnt our lessons. We should forget the past and move forward,” Osoba said.



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