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I am no more interested in lease agreement, 80 years old Ibadan petrol marketer cry out

The Owner of Debistol Petroleum Nigeria Limited, Chief Mrs Olabisi Oyediji has expressed her readiness to terminate a petrol station lease agreement she made with one Mr Omoniyi Olusegun Marcus on her petrol station along Akobo road in Ibadan.

Oyediji, while addressing newsmen at a news conference on Tuesday in Ibadan said that the move became necessary because the occupant of the station has failed to meet up with terms of the lease agreement between them.

She alleged that Mr Omoniyi had erected some structures on the premises of the petrol station which were not part of the initial agreements.

The 80 years petrol marketer said that some extra business activities within and around her property could make her lose the petrol station to fire and other man-made disasters.

According to her, the petrol station was leased to Mr Omoniyi Olusegun in the year 2018 for a period of five years. She added that the agreement was renewed for a period of another five years making ten years altogether.

“I can not continue the lease agreement with him anymore, I want to terminate the agreement because I noticed that he is making some efforts to take over the petrol station permanently.

“I am ready to refund his money for the remaining months left for the agreement to lapse, “she said.

When contacted, the leasee, Mr Omoniyi Olusegun Marcus said that he did not erect any structure on the surface of the underground petrol tanks as alleged by the owner.

He added that all other issues including termination of lease agreement were already being handled by the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), Oyo State Commissioner of Police and Town Planning Office in the Oyo State Ministry of Land and Housing.



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