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Easter: Lagos PDP greets Christians, urges Nigerians to keep hope alive

Easter: Lagos PDP greets Christians, urges Nigerians to keep hope alive

The Lagos State PDP on Sunday congratulated Christians on the occasion of 2023 Easter Celebration, urging citizens to keep hope of better Nigeria alive.

The PDP Publicity Secretary in the state, Alhaji Hakeem Amode, in the party’s Easter Message in Lagos said that the celebration was an opportunity for all to remember the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

According to Amode, Easter is an opportunity for reflection on the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

“We wish to use this occasion to urge all Christians to emulate Jesus Christ, who exemplified love, peace and unity.

“Our nation can only achieve greatness if the adherents of the two major religions in the country; Christianity and Islam, practice what is contained in both the Bible and the Quran.

“The fact that this year’s Lenten period coincided with the Holy month of Ramadan in an indication that adherents of the two religions have a lot to do together,” the spokesman said.

Urging residents to eschew violence and disunity for the nation to move forward, Amode said that Nigerians should not shy away from living a life of sacrifice, which Jesus Christ did with his death.

He added: “This is what we stand for as a party, we want to do all within our power to make life better for the people both at the state and at the federal levels.

“While we are aware that Nigerians, Lagos residents inclusive, have been sacrificing a lot through perseverance and endurance despite all that are happening in our country, we want to urge you all to keep hope alive.

“As a party, we are ready to serve you at all times, which is why we will do our best to see that the will of the people prevail through the constitutionally allowed process.

“We want to advise the residents of the state to use the celebration to ensure that they do their best in contributing to the development of the state and the country.”

He commended residents for their constant support for the PDP and her candidates at the polls.

Amode said: “Our prayers are that very soon, we will get to the level we ought to be as a nation.

“And at that time, our party and candidates will prove to you that we can achieve much together once we are able to properly manage our God-given natural and human resources,” he said.



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