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Be totally open to each other, SPAC G.O. counsels couples

Be totally open to each other, SPAC G.O. counsels couples

Be totally open to each other, SPAC G.O. counsels couples

Couples have been admonished to be totally open to each other and see marriage as a sacred institution divinely ordained to fulfill God’s purpose on earth.

This was the charge given as Dr. Kehinde Adeola Ajayi and Pastor Abayomi Jesse Okewunmi were joined in holy matrimony on Saturday, 29th April, 2023 at Salvation Proclaimers Anointed Church (SPAC) headquarters in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital.

In his message, the General Overseer of the Church, Prophet S.A. Adegboyega, who presided over the wedding ceremony encouraged all those having challenges with their marriages to practically apply the message preached during the wedding service to their lives and make amends where necessary.

He fed the couple and the congregation which filled up the church auditorium with the word of God from Ephesians 5:22 which charged wives to submit to their husbands.

Prophet Adegboyega clearly pointed out that while wives were expected to submit, their husbands were mandated to reciprocate by giving total, uncompromising love to their wives as any contrary behaviour is sinful.

“When you abuse your husband or utter any vulgar thing to him, you put a curse on him and a curse on your destiny as the mother of the family,” the G.O said.

He frowned at the increasing cases of wife battery and other physical assaults which are becoming rampant, warning that under no condition should a husband raise his hands against his wife.

“It is an aberration which should be avoided like a plague,” he warned.

Advising those at the solemnization service who were fond of physically assaulting each other, Prophet Adegboyega urged them to stop engaging in violence because God totally detests domestic violence.

Emphasizing that marriage is an institution to be absolutely enjoyed and not endured, the Prophet who has been married for over fifty years recommended that husbands and wives should ensure that they make it a habit to smile at each other at least once daily to strengthen their union.

He wondered why couples would have anything kept in secret from each other, stressing that in a marriage, whatever belongs to one equally belongs to the other.

The overseer said that a couple should deliberately create time for each other for relaxation, pointing out that it does not make sense to be uptight for any reason at all in a marriage.

Prophet Adegboyega also sounded a note of warning to the couple, charging them to be absolutely faithful to each other.

“It is a taboo for a Christian to marry more than one partner. It is a taboo to keep other lovers outside your home. Be warned! Polygamy is forbidden in christendom where you both are firmly rooted.”

Couples whose homes were going through crisis were prayed for after the message, and they were assured of divine intervention and total restoration of peace in their homes.

The solemnization service witnessed the presence of many dignitaries from different walks of life, with colleagues of the bride’s father, Hon. Justice Ezekiel Oyeyemi Ajayi and other eminent personalities who gathered to celebrate with the lovebirds.

The wedding was also attended by a former Oyo State Military Governor, Maj.-Gen. Oladayo Popoola (retired) among many legal luminaries, politicians, family and friends.



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