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Badagry APC members defect to PDP, declare support for ‘Jandor’

Some members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) from Ward E and Ward D, Badagry West Local Council Development Area (LCDA) on Saturday joined the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Lagos State.

The group declared support for the Lagos PDP Governorship Candidate, Dr Abdul-Azeez Adediran (Jandor) at his Campaign Office (Liberty House) in Ikeja.

Mr Wusu Michael, one of the leaders of the decampees and former APC Ward Vice Chairman in Badagry West LCDA said that increasing suffering of the masses in the area led the group out of APC.

Michael, who noted that only few members of the group were present because of a social function, prayed God to help Adediran to win the election.

He said that the group known as “Lagos is not for one Persons, would use its strength to mobilise vote for PDP in the forthcoming elections.

Another leader of the group, Mr Kuwhede John, said: “If you serve someone for a time without any profit, it is wise to back out.

“Our lives and communities have remained the same since we have been serving APC.”

Responding, Adediran, who described the decampees as true lovers of Lagos, said that their coming to PDP showed their selflessness and freedom from greed and covetousness.

“Your lack of greed and belief in better tomorrow is what brought you here. You would not be put to shame. It is the turn of Badagry Division to govern Lagos.

“Looking at the entire Lagos, we are the real owners of the land, yet we are the most suffered.

“No one in Badagry Division should do otherwise now except the enemies of the division. I congratulate you,” he said.

The candidate said the few leaders in the division opposed to his ambition were those eating from the corrupt system.

Adediran said that God brought him out of APC to bring a breath of fresh air and turnaround for the people of the state.

He urged the people not to be coward and fearful but rise up to face the challenge of the election.

According to him, PDP is the most democratic party, and his (Adediran) emergence as party’s standard bearer remains a proof to this, being new in the party.

“It is a truly democratic party that welcomes everybody, and there is no position you cannot aspire for.

“Nobody tells you here to go and queue up as new members. The party gives you equal opportunity with those who have been in the party for long.

“Go back home with courage and move from house to house to mobilise votes for PDP,” he said.

The defectors who surrendered and burnt their brooms (APC’s symbol), were presented PDP’s flags.(Shadanpamarepoters)




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