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Aspersions on Tinubu: Babachir Lawal needs counsel, should be pitied—APC

Aspersions on Tinubu: Babachir Lawal needs counsel, should be pitied---APC

Aspersions on Tinubu: Babachir Lawal needs counsel, should be pitied—APC

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has taken a swipe at a former Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Babachir Lawal, over aspersions on President Bola Tinubu and his office.

The APC National Publicity Secretary, Mr Felix Morka, in a statement on Tuesday evening, said Lawal had become a burden to himself and should be pitied.

Morka said: “After a long hiatus leaking his wounds from the monumental electoral loss of his candidate in the last presidential election, Mr Lawal unabashedly is out again, peddling gibberish, rather than learn from his political misadventure with equanimity.

“Clearly, the defeat of his principal, Peter Obi, at the poll has done incalculable damage to Mr Lawal’s psyche and his capacity for rational thought as evident in his analysis based entirely on the figment of his warped imagination rather than on hard facts and figures.

“Indeed, Babachir Lawal is in dire need of professional counseling and deserves our collective pity.

“It is obvious he may never get over the pain of being tossed into the dustbin of political ignominy by President Bola Tinubu who, against all odds, defeated Mr Peter Obi that exploited our religious and ethnic fault lines in his campaign for the nation’s highest office.”

The ruling party spokesman challenged Lawal to give a detailed breakdown of his so-called “aggregated facts sourced from independent sources,” which he claimed proved that Obi won the election or forever keep mute.

According to him, that Lawal did not provide these facts to help Obi prove his case before the Presidential Elections Petitions Court is a massive disservice if not betrayal of his political principal.

Morka said that Lawal ought to have known that running a jaundiced commentary on a matter before the Supreme Court was the height of irresponsibility.

He said that Lawal was still nursing bitterness and vindictiveness over his failed dream of running on a joint ticket with Tinubu.

He said that Nigerians across all ethnic and religious divides, saw through Lawal’s shenanigans and voted for the best candidate, Tinubu.

Morka said that it was very uncharitable for Lawal to call to question the professional competence of President Tinubu’s appointees.

He said that that the former SSG could not hold a candle to the political and professional accomplishments of some of the President’s appointees.

Morka described Lawal as one lightweight politician who thought himself a heavyweight.

He said that the former secretary failed ‘spectacularly’ as a politician in his state, Adamawa, where in three election circles he could not deliver his ward and local government in his Hong Local Government.

“Despite his legendary failure as a politician, former President Muhammadu Buhari in deference to diversity appointed him to the high office of SGF where he was unceremoniously sacked on account of very poor performance and dishonourable conduct.

“A man like Babachir Lawal is in no position to offer an opinion on the competence of President Tinubu’s appointees.

“We are convinced that these appointees would justify the confidence reposed in them by the President by delivering on the promises of the Renewed Hope Agenda of this administration,” Morka said.

The spokesman urged Lawal to concentrate on managing his farm and stop constituting himself into a needless distraction unbefitting of his age and status.

Recalled that Lawal, said in a statement on Tuesday said LP’s Obi won the Feb. 25 Presidential Election and not Tinubu as declared by INEC.

Lawal, an estranged ally of Tinubu, asserted that available factual data as aggregated from several independent sources indicated that Obi got the majority votes while Atiku came second in the election.



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