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Agege safer under RRS Commander, Egbeyemi—Activist

Agege safer under RRS Commander, Egbeyemi

Agege safer under RRS Commander, Egbeyemi

An Agege-born Human Rights Activist, Comrade Olatunde Owoeye-wise has denounced purported social media claim  that Agege is becoming a terror territory under the watch of RRS Commander, CSP Saheed Olayinka Egbeyemi.

A social media write up has stated that Agege is not safer for its residents anymore and it is becoming the headquarters for the criminals in Lagos State despite having the son of the soil, CSP Saheed Olayinka Egbeyemi (White lion) as the commander of Rapid Response Squad (RRS), the team set up under Nigeria Police to tackle and suppress any form of criminal activities in Lagos State.

Meanwhile, in a swift reaction, Owoeye-Wise in a statement on Tuesday in Lagos said that security had improved dramatically in and around the popular Agege area contrary to the unnamed purported writeup.

According to him, that there was no casualties, and skirmishes in the council during the last general elections in Agege is a testament that security has improved in the area.

“We have 7 police divisions under Area G Police Command which are more than enough to combat crime within Agege kingdom ,

“RRS is a Police tactical squad/team created to come to the rescue and complement all this division whenever they are called upon and the need arises for backup.

“RRS under the present leadership of Olayinka Aremu Omokuleyin Egbeyemi recovers countless numbers of A.K. 47 Rifles in Agege alone after the endsars saga.

“He (Egbeyemi) had been able to arrest and transfer more than 40 miscreant tormenting Agege kingdom to Panti during the time of Okekoto and Alfanla fracas,

“In the history of Agege during the last general election there is no record of casualties nor any news of thuggery which is a result of his good work and vigilance,” Owoeye-Wise said.
He said that the the writer peddler of what he described as unsubstantiated claims should try and do a thorough investigation from the people of Agege before coming out to form opinions.

According to him, Egbeyemi has organised two walks in collaboration with Agege people under the platform of Agege Molebi United Forum which was tagged “Walk against cultism and use of hard drugs and substances”.

Owoeye-Wise added that the RRS Commander equally organise”Walk against election violence” to sensitise Agege residents ahead of the 2023 polls which yielded positive results

He said that the writeup making the round on the social media that Egbeyemi had not done much was misleading and inaccurate.

He said that the writer should have been channelled and directed his observations to the Area G Commander and all the Divisional Police Officers in Agege not the RRS Commander whose sole duty is to provide back ups for all these Police formations when issues escalates and the need arises.

“It seems this is a paid write up and from all indications coming from a self acclaimed Agege resident who may clandestinely and surreptitiously assume a position of agent of destruction and enemy of Agege.

“This may incite more violence in the community and rubbish the good works of RRS commander in Agege.

“Everyone in Lagos knows that RRS under Olayinka Aremu Egbeyemi are more combat ready and efficient in operation than during Disu.

“In the history of Nigeria Police, a CSP has never been recommended to take over any Police dept from a DCP, Egbeyemi did and he never disappointed those that recommended him

“We know that the new government dispensation is approaching and many officers will be lobbying through Propagandists. We all know the game, Agege is not the only place in Lagos,” he said.

According to him, if Lagos State is considered the safest in Nigeria, people should give kudos to Egbeyemi for this.




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